Creative Leadership Workshop

AIA is hosting a creative leadership workshop in partnership with Creativity Effect on Sunday, May 2. You won’t want to miss this chance to boost your resume with a leadership certificate earned from experts that work with Fortune 500 companies. To learn more, click Register Now.

Our Mission

AIA is an organization of students elected and hired each year with the common goal to increase the impact of Adventist student leaders across North America. Our work gives them tools and connections to ensure their voices are heard within the church and beyond.

We form connections between student leaders to make idea sharing and collaboration an easier goal. We provide resources, guidance, and extra perspective from professionals who have walked in their shoes. Every student organization has the potential to be powerful change-makers. We want to see that happen.

To promote community project services

To provide opportunities for interacting and networking among adventist students

To promote fellowship and idea-sharing between adventIST Youth

Our Team



Bob Honest

Executive Vice President


Luis Moreno

Financial Vice President


Buzi Dzingirayi

Religious vice president


Eliel Rosabel

Our Member Schools

Union College

Walla Walla University

Washington Adventist University

Southern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University

Burman University

Loma Linda University

Andrews University

La Sierra University

Oakwood University

AIA Blogs

5 onboarding tips + how to do it online

5 onboarding tips + how to do it online

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